Hockey Weekend

I really do enjoy hockey. The men I love play, and it’s fun to watch. We got to watch Chris play this weekend since he had an early game. Let me tell you how not fun it is to have 3 kids who don’t enjoy watching. They run and jump around, distracting the other people around us. One of these days we’ll make it though a whole game and I’ll get to watch my sweetheart play.

We also got to enjoy the Sharks vs. Kings game at the E-Center thanks to the hockey goddess Jill. This was Tyler’s first NHL game and he was super excited. Sadly, the Kings lost which was who he was rooting for. It was still a fun night, and I got to watch Jeremy Roenick play in real life!


2 Responses to “Hockey Weekend”

  1. Too fun, Em! You’re way nice to let Chris play hockey. I made John give up rec teams a while ago… 🙂

  2. Chris looks so young with that helmet on. Compared to me he really is.

    Dick loved the story about the farmer. He really laughed out loud!

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