Random Updates On Life

WOW! It’s October already. I swear summer just hit. My kids started off track this week and surprisingly no major brawls. They really are great kids (I know I just cursed myself for saying that).

Piano is going well, we made it through an entire month and they’re still excited to play. I don’t even have to beg them to practice. Reality did hit on this last lesson. Tyler ended a music book and I realized we are still at the beginning. There is so much to learn and I’m not sure I’m the one who can teach him. Then I realized that if I can play, anyone can. I can’t really screw him up that much, it’s not like we’re expecting a concert pianist out of him.

Patch has been doing fabulous w/ the potty. I am amazed. He did have two accidents which I secretly laughed about because it just happened that Chris had to take care of Patch both times.

Caely’s hit the terrible 7’s. Or maybe it’s 1st grade. I remember Tyler acted funny too. She is so helpful one minute. Yesterday she made my bed, cleaned my bathroom counter up, and basically cleaned my room w/o being asked. Not that I would ask because it’s my room and I should clean it. Anyhow, periodically throughout the day she throws these tantrums like she’s a two year old and whines about EVERYTHING! Yikes/help! It’s hard being the oldest girl, I’m sure. Plus, she thinks Alexa is so cute because she’s littler than her and Lexi has white hair. I didn’t realize self esteem issues would start at birth for her.

Alexa is so funny. She is such a rock/movie/pop star. She does this new thing where she flips her hair A LOT and shakes her hands and hips when she talks. She is learning the alphabet at school and can’t wait to catch up to her big sis and start reading.

We just set up the drums and Tyler is going to town. He is actually really good. He did not get his rhythm from me sad to say. Also, Tyler’s first hockey game is on Oct. 11th at the Accord Center @ 12:45 for anyone wanting to check out our little Wayne Gretzky.


3 Responses to “Random Updates On Life”

  1. Hailey is not close to seven yet, and she acts the same way, so maybe it is first grade! It drives me crazy when she gets whiney because I think she should know better.

  2. Kaella and Morgan both started that around 7 1/2. With Kaella we got a BRIEF respite before the TEENAGE YEARS started. I guess every age has its trials, but also its blessings. Oh, and I think girls are genetically predispositioned to have self-esteem issues. A few months ago, Ellie asked me when she would be skinny like Morgan. WHAT? Where do they get this stuff?

  3. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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