The week is over. Each week I think the next week will slow down a bit and it never does. You’d think I’d learn. I kicked off the weekend Thursday night with my Sandy ladies night. I am so lucky to have these great women in my life. They give the greatest mothering tips and advice. I always come back ready to take on the joys of motherhood, looking forward for the next months night away.

Friday Chris worked from home the entire day. I took Lexi to school on my bike and thought I was going to die. Too much yummies from the night before I’m guessing. Anyway, after I picked her up we had a mid-day lunch date (thanks to my fabulous neighbor Emily for watching my kids). It was fun to change the pace of the day. No crowds to fight and the restaurant was nice and quiet. Chris planned the entire thing, which is amazing. I am so glad he did, we really needed some time for us. I want that but forget how beneficial it can be. We didn’t even talk kids or money. At least I don’t remember that we did.

We had so much kid business the rest of the day, birthday parties, friends over, lounging around. Jen happened to stop by while waiting to pick up her son from a birthday party across the street and in talking we decided she/they needed to come back and hang out. We had a friend in from out of town that we were going to get together with, but it didn’t end up working out so having the Burts over was just as nice. We threw together some pretty pathetic dinner around 7:30 (we usually eat at 6) of mac n’ cheese, quesadillas, and rice krispies for dessert. When we left the kitchen Patch took full advantage and poured salt over the treats. What a nerd! We of course pulled out the PS2 and introduced RB to the Burts. Jen rocked at the drums even though she won’t say so. (These pix are for you Jen)


The kids were so good while we ignored them (except Patch getting caught in the act, ready to throw a car at one of the kids.)


One Response to “T.G.I.F.”

  1. GEES look at that junk in my trunk!!! It needs it’s own zip code, it’s like OUT there.
    Cute pictures of the kids. Fun night, we need to do it again.

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