There Is A Positive To Being Sick

So, funny story. I signed up my family for our ward camp out that just happened to be this weekend. I did this over a month ago, and while doing so Chris REALLY opposed. He didn’t think we would be prepared, seeing as our tent is less than adequate. Plus the fact that we know have four kids and we haven’t been since we only had two (thanks Janna, Angela and Jen, we should go again!). Okay, so back to this weekend. Well, Friday I woke up feeling sore, thinking maybe I over did it on the bike earlier in the week. I opted for no bike ride and took Lexi to preschool then headed of to the store for camping supplies w/ Patch. All through the store I was freezing and getting more achy. I left early, with out what I came for. Got home and announced to Chris that I was feeling sick. Rewind a little, Thursday my sister-in-law Teresa invited us to Gardner Village to see the petting zoo. While we were there I mentioned we were going camping and that she should come too. Okay, back to Friday. Chris loaded up the car, took ALL FOUR KIDS, and met my brother and his family. They all went camping without me!
While I was home, I thought I would take advantage (the Tylenol was working a little) and clean. I just needed to rest a few minutes and then I would be on my way to a clean house. NOPE! I decided that even on meds I would keep a fever of 101, and have a raging headache (not a migraine). I slept the rest of the day away. Today (Saturday) I was feeling a bit better and a little lonely. The fam didn’t come home until almost 1p.m. I did do laundry, but that kept putting me out of whack. The fever is down and I’m no longer achy, but not 100% yet. Now I think I’ve passed it to Chris. Sad days.
On top of missing the camp out, I also missed my friend Julie’s baby shower, she’s having TRIPLETS! and our good friends-daughters wedding reception.
Okay, here’s the up side. I had a nice neighbor stop by to check on me, a cute friend bring by delicious treats (I did have one, but probably should have waited, too much sugar when I haven’t been eating) and another great friend drop me a card. Wow! And I thought being sick wasn’t fun. I think I might try it again soon.


7 Responses to “There Is A Positive To Being Sick”

  1. Heidi Jacobson Says:

    Hey Emily so sorry to here you are sick 😦 Get well soon. I hope for your mommy duties that your kids don’t get it. It is always hard when you are sick but tons harder when your kids are. Wishing you good health. Heidi jacobson

  2. Heidi Jacobson Says:

    Hey Emily, Hope you get better soon. You always have a way of looking at the bright side of things 🙂 I hope that the sickness ends with you and that your kids don’t get sick. It is hard when we are sick but I think in some ways harder when our little one are sick. Anyway get well soon sending good health your way!
    Heidi Jacobson 🙂

  3. I was so sad when I heard you were sick and couldn’t come. 😦 I was really looking forward to staying up late around the fire talking and having a great time.
    We had fun, but not as much as we would have if you were there too. Hope you are doing better. Let me know if you need me to take your kids for ya. You know they are always welcome to come play anytime.

  4. That is a bummer. My sweet hubby loaded up ALL of our kids and went without me, too. I was doing Kamber’s wedding cake. I have to say, it was SO fun to do it home alone w/out kids. I didn’t have to stay up all night like I normally would have to.
    I am glad you are feeling better. It sounds like a yucky bug. Hopefully your kids don’t get it too. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reason to stay in bed. But it’s not nice to have to take care of a sick hubby and kids. I’ll post a pic of Kamber’s (I am sure that is the wedding reception you were talking about missing) cake on my blog. I wish I would have gotten other pics so you could see them. It looked great up there. So did the bride and groom. Ok, and now I’ve written a novel and just wanted to say that I am sorry you were sick. 🙂

  5. Had I known that you were home I soo would have bugged you or came to see if you needed anything. With Ryan gone camping with friends and the kids going to bed at 8 I was such a loner all night this weekend. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Poor Chris hopefully it isn’t as bad for him and that your kids don’t get it.

  6. I missed you; it just wasn’t the same! I’m glad you are on the road to recovery…bummer about Chris. I told him he was awesome for bringing the kids all alone. In all humility he said, “It would have been worse for the kids if we had stay home, and now Emily can rest.” Or something like that. I was super impressed!

  7. So sorry you were feeling sick! Hope you are recovering nicely so that you can deal with a sick hubby… Not much worse than a sick man! But that WAS super sweet of him to take the kids without you so you could rest. I’m very impressed.

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