I am in a new stage of life. This is very exciting. Can you imagine NEVER changing a dirty diaper again?

Okay, maybe not ever, I will have grand kids. Yesterday was our first day with out and accident. 

Patch is doing great! He most often tells me, but I still ask way too much. Not only did he not have an accident yesterday, but he made it through the night dry. My heart is racing with joy! In celebration, (and because I’m spoiled) I went and got me this:

Thanks to a great recommendation from Jaqui, I’m sitting pretty on my bike rides. I even went 3 miles longer today cause I was enjoying my new toy so much. Who knows, maybe I’ll take up running now.


4 Responses to “Yippeeee!”

  1. What the crap is that thing??

  2. Wow. I am unspeakably jealous. Can you come potty train Sophie for me? I’ve just been too lazy to do it myself… Congrats!

  3. Running you say! Liz and I’ll pick you up at 6:15 in the morning. Ready to run!

    So fun to have a new toy! You will love it!


  4. I’m glad you are enjoying your new toy. Did you figure out the playlists? I hope not, or I’ll have to think of another excuse to come visit. 🙂

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