The Egg Drop

The 4th graders had an egg drop project to shelter an egg so when it was dropped from the top of the school it wouldn’t break. Tyler and his dad worked on this project together, it was neat to watch them work and figure out what would work best. Parents were invited to watch today for the drop. Tyler had Lexi sit with him, it was so adorable.  There were some pretty creative designs. Some stuffed in a hollowed out, padded football. One was put in a loaf of bread, some had helium balloons. Tyler’s was padded and put in a Toaster Pastry box. They taped a doubled grocery sack to it to act as a parachute. Tyler was so sweet, he let Alexa take up the egg with him and let her put it in the basket. They watched together and we all cheered as his was dropped. Afterward the kids went to pick up their packages and they check to see if it stayed in tact or broke.  Lexi walkedup with Tyler and as they oped the package, they didn’t account for this…

  The egg hadn’t broken on the drop, but out of the package it fell and broke, oh the irony. In the end he got his certificate and a treat. That’s what he wanted. I must say I was very impressed.


3 Responses to “The Egg Drop”

  1. Tyler is so sweet! What a good brother! I heard that the egg-drop was the ‘place to be’ today. Morgan can’t wait for next year.

  2. Hey…. I did this as a science class assignment in 8th grade! Wow, they’re moving the curriculum up!

  3. It was so fun! I was sad to see that Tyler’s egg broke when he took it out! I have a picture of it from a different angle, I’ll have to send it to you.

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