Potty Slave

Here is our update on the potty training. We are in 3 days and the first day (like I mentioned) Patch did great with one accident (my fault) the second day AGAIN one accident (dad’s fault). He even went to the neighbors *thanks Liz* while I went on a visit and he did great!

Today is another story. Technically it’s yesterday, but who’s checking? Anyhow, we had around 4 or 5 accidents. That number may seem large, BUT we/he goes all day long. It works out that he probably made it 2/3-3/4 of the time. No joke. What an awesome kid. This morning when I showed him his underwear he said,’no, I want Mickey’ which is what is on his diapers. I explained that there were no more Mickey’s and he complied.

Tomorrow/today is a new day, I fully expect him to be just as awesome as day one and two. The biggest down fall is I forgot to teach him to pull up/down his own pants so I am the potty slave. No complaints, I’m on my way to diaper free!


One Response to “Potty Slave”

  1. Awesome! I am not looking forward to the work and the messes. I too need to do this, like… yesterday, but again not looking forward to it. Let me know when you get him all potty trained then I will send Braxton over to ya and have you work with him. I’ll take Patch and it will all be good. 🙂 Just kidding. Yeah I need some incentives for Braxton, need to go buy some new underwear and some really yummy candy.

    What in the world will I carry when I won’t need a diaper bag anymore. I will feel lost without all the stuff with me all the time. That will be so weird.
    Anyways good job! I think I will start tomorrow. lol

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