“I’m Sorry”

Tonight was enrichment and it being Tuesday, Chris was at school. So, the kids tag along and they were great. Tyler, being the oldest, I expect a lot from him, especially in the helping department. Since we left at 5:15pm when it was light, when we got home our house was pitch dark. I had a few things plus kids to bring in, so I asked Tyler to help by going in and turning on the porch light. As I fight Patch out of the way with my heavy load, I notice Tyler headed to the family room. I immediately start in on sarcasm and how I was really upset that he wasn’t helping me. That all I asked was that he turn on the porch light, as I’m saying this I’m headed to turn it on myself, to see he did that and was headed to the bathroom. Ugh. I can’t believe what a nerd I am. I of course apologized and was completely embarrassed for my eruption. He was being so sweet and said, “mom, it’s just one of those nights where you have a lot going on. I understand.” I stick him in nursery all night, expect mountains from him and he is so patient and understanding. Who’s kid is this. I have a lot to learn from him. This is why you should get permits or something to become parents.


3 Responses to ““I’m Sorry””

  1. We all have nights like this but you have such a great kid to actually understand that! Lucky you and give him an extra hug today.

  2. It’s totally easy to forget that these amazing kids are actually still just KIDS. I constantly have to remind myself that “they’re just 11 or just 3…” Good for you for apologizing though! I often forget that part.

  3. What a great kid. If you are ever giving away kids, I will take him too. Sorry it was a rough night.

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