Random Week

Not much happened this week, but as I looked back at my camera, we had lots of randomness.

Last Sunday was Tyler’s birthday. Here are a few of my favorite pictures:

Tuesday Chris was at school, so we splurged (ha ha) and went to McDee’s. Lexi asked if I had my camera (of course) and wanted me to take her picture. Then she would run up the slide  and I would miss the shot. (They did this while their cousin Ben, was in town a few weeks ago).

Later in the week I had promised Chris I would mow the lawn (he’s been super busy with work and school). Lexi again had asked me to take her picture while she rode her bike. I had left my camera out and while I mowed, she took pictures. Here’s her work:

And last but not least, today (or yesterday since it’s 12:30am) Caely cleaned the toy closet by herself. She was so impressed with the great job she did, she took pictures.

She’s definetly my kid. That’s our random week.


One Response to “Random Week”

  1. I love that you are chatting on the phone while you are doing yardwork. Savanna did the same thing with my camera the other day, but everything was out of focus so I deleted it. Maybe I should have kept it anyway.

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