More Villagers

I hope I didn’t offend anyone in my previous post. That was not my intention. As I wrote it I knew people might feel judged, please don’t take it that way. I really was just saying, if you can help your child, do. And along the way there are plenty more kids that need your help if you can spare it.

I know it’s hard for parents out there that have to work hard with their kids. I am not talking about just kids being slower or those with disabilities. It’s the obvious ones that don’t get the care they need that we are here to help. I really have no intention of hurting peoples feelings, especially on something I might not understand fully. Everyone struggles with something. My point wasn’t that some parents stink and aren’t doing enough. It was that we who can, really need to get out there because there are kids in need of us. I feel for all those who really take care of the needs of their kids and still have struggles. Thank you to all those parents who really take the time and care your kids need. I have no room to judge, again, not my point. I neglect my kids plenty. I am not the perfect parent. I still have much to learn. This was not about anyone I know, just observations I make when I work with these sweet kids who just need a little more than anyone else. Again, I’m sorry if offense was taken. I have amazing friends who have wonderful kids. “Just keep swimming” right?!


5 Responses to “More Villagers”

  1. I wasn’t offended. Just so you know.

  2. Ahh, the sprk of debate… We all know Emily that that wasn’t your intention. I want to leave a quick comment. I work in the schools, specifically in Special Education. I see the kids whose parents are doing everything in their power to help their kids and I see the kids who are practically ignored. Most of us are somewhere in between, myself included even though I see the difference it makes As an educator – I do know the difference – we can tell!!! [Of course there are some teachers who do make assumptions and who cannot tell (that maybe because of the personality of the teacher or beacuse of the overshelming numbers in our classrooms)] Parents do make a difference! But unfortunately not every child has a parent that can or will help. Kudos to you Emily for pointing our that we can all help by volunteering, and Kudos to you Cindy for being one of those parents that motivate me to continue to do what I do.

  3. You make me laugh with your ranting and raving. I say speak your piece, it’s your blog say whatever the heck you want to say. Let the opposition have the opportunity to defend and there my friend you have yourself a cyber cat fight. 😉 The dudes love it, er I think they do.

  4. Honestly I wasn’t offended by your post either Em, my response was really just to get some bottled up frustration out there in cyber space (maybe even to just validate myself and make peace with the facts that I have to face) and to make sure we all think about what might really be going on instead of just making a judgement based on what we see. I thank you Emily for bringing this up so that those children who aren’t getting the help they need at home will hopefully be helped by someone inspired by your writing. As far as the “Cyber Cat Fight”…I guess I’m glad I could do my part to keep “the dudes” happy. (Who knows….maybe I just spurred you into the lime light and you will be the latest and greatest in “Mommy Blogging” and you will have sponsors and get an interview on Good Morning America…and when that happens….just remember us little guys.)

  5. Wow I am totally offended! I can’t believe all that judging you just did right there. Yeah some of us aren’t as perfect as you are but come on cut us some slack. Who cares if our kids would rather play video games than read a book… hey some of the games have reading in them…
    I am just kidding Emily! I am not offended either, just wanted to mess with ya, add to the cat fight. You are right though we all need to help out and do our part, I am talking about myself here. I have two other kids at home and Rich works most days but there are days when he is home and so I know I should do more at the school during those times.
    Hey next time you have a problem with my parenting skills could you just shoot me an email instead of letting the whole world know about it! 🙂 J/k

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