Rockin’ Rockets

Yesterday was the scout Rocket Launch. The boys got 2-liter bottles and decorated them for the launch. Some were really cool. Tyler’s friend Gage did his like the bullet from Super Mario Bros. and some had parachutes. Very creative. Tyler’s, not so much. But we learned for next year. Anyhow, it was really fun to watch.

The generator was a little loud for Patch, so he walked around like this:

Then he decided to go out and have fun with the kids. Patch kept coming  over and saying, “Bye mom, bye dad, love you!” then he’d share a kiss.

Right before we had come to the park, Caely fell AGAIN. On her same arm and ripped a new gash on her elbow. Lexi had fallen right before the kids got home from school and hurt her elbow too. These are my broken beauties:

Lexi got a little bored, so she took over as the photographer and this is what she shot:

’cause you can’t get enough of Chris and me,

my beautiful friend, Jen (who now is a blogger!)

and the sky, cause we all need to see what the sky looks like.


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