Don’t Believe Everything You See

Okay, I know the popcorn thing was very exciting but here’s the scoop. According to it says:

…a trio of videos depicting people purportedly using cell phones to pop popcorn, all of them are a marketing scheme launched by Cardo Systems Inc. (a provider of Bluetooth Headset Solutions).

…As shown in a CNN report, the popcorn effect was achieved by dropping already-popped corn into the scene during filming, then using digital editing to remove the kernels from the table.

Everything is back to normal, you can continue to use your cell phone!


3 Responses to “Don’t Believe Everything You See”

  1. Whew…I was worried. 🙂
    Just wanted to say Hi. And was that you I saw riding your bike this morning? I was like…”She looks familiar…” but didn’t realize it was you until you had already passed. All I can say is “You GO girl!”

  2. Dude, do you know some dork named Matt? Because he commented and told me about the fake-ness of the popcorn video. Way to ruin my fun!

  3. Keri Linford Says:

    I am so glad you found me!! Your family is so cute! Man just thinking about you makes me smile! Let’s go to lunch! Call me sometime 598-6353. Keri

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