This Blog Is Saving Patch’s Life!

Yes, this is a picture of my garbage can.

I am cleaning my house today so that we can go visit our friends, the Mayo’s, tomorrow. So, of course I’m a little busy today. The chips you see are Patch’s. He and Alexa stepped on them all over the family room floor. The yogurt is one Patch begged for and then wasted. The Reese’s wrapper is one Lexi left ON THE FLOOR! And the topless cupcakes are why I’m venting my frustrations here instead of screaming at him then crying in the closet.

Patch’s BFF is Jared. His birthday was yesterday, and since we thought Patch might be sick we stayed away. They brought us cupcakes today to share on their little play date. Since we had a few extra friends over, we were saving them for later. I sat down for 1 MINUTE to check my email when Patch asked for a cupcake. He’s been a fairly good listener today, so I THOUGHT he would hold off for a few minutes. Nope. I went to check on him seriously a minute later and this is what I found.

I know this is supposed to be a typical two year old thing, I just never had a typical two year old. I guess I have much to learn with this beautiful boy.

Well, off to save the rest of my house from total destruction.


4 Responses to “This Blog Is Saving Patch’s Life!”

  1. About 2 weeks after we moved in, KELLI 😉 brought over some cupcakes for the kids to eat while I watched them. She was having her carpet cleaned and didn’t want the kids there. So, I put the cupcakes on the counter and ran up to the bathroom for a minute. It was only a minute! When I came down, the older kids (older, like 3 and 4) had given Ellie and Nicole (age 1) some cupcakes. They were sitting on the carpet (which was new) in the front room. These cupcakes had neon orange and pink frosting! I will spare you the details of my reaction, but needless to say, Kelli came and picked up all the kids. I called a couple carpet cleaning companies and begged them to come out and clean it before Randy got home…one bad reaction was enough. Anyway, Kelli and I have NEVER bought frosted cupcakes again.

  2. Beth E Emett Says:

    Emily – I can completely relate! Today Isaac got into pixy sticks and of course the little sugary dust got everywhere. Granted he was just feeling oh so proud that he could climb up the counter to the cubbard where they were supposed to be hiding (while I’m showering), but my bare feet felt like they had a candy coating most of the morning! Thanks to my little man! Your a good mom, and the picture of Patch is priceless.

  3. This post: Small stuff

    Don’t sweat it.

    At least he isn’t pulling fire alarms. 😉

  4. Emily Norman Says:

    Oh, how could you get mad at a cute little face like that? J/K, I think my kids have the cutest faces in the world, and it hasn’t saved them. But, I do know where you’re coming from. Avery decided to put on her very own nail polish this morning.

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