Their Future’s So Bright…

…they should have worn shades.

Today is Caely’s first day of 1st grade. Tyler’s second day of 4th grade. I was not nice enough to make a post for each.

I have looked forward to this day for a long time. I am also in mourning of today. Caely has been my best helper for a long time and she keeps the kids very busy, now I am going to have to be the mom until I get Lexi trained :).

There were a few things I wanted to write down before they are gone from my memory for good, so now is a good time to stop reading for fear of you falling asleep.

Tyler is our first beautiful gift. He does everything by the book. Even as an infant if the books said they’d do x by x time, that’s when he did it. Almost to the day. He also has been the most obedient. He NEVER chewed on books, or toys, or anything he wasn’t supposed to. He most always follows the rules. I am amazed that he never questions why, he just does. He is extremely smart and loves to read. My friends always tease me because they think I’ve just forgotten. Nope, this is just Tyler. The only hard part about him was his colic that lasted from birth to 7 months, but I didn’t mind, he was perfect. He is always trying to make us laugh. There isn’t a day that goes by he doesn’t tell a joke or do something silly to get a laugh.

I remember when he was about 9 months old and I went to check on him before I went off to bed. I started to cry and Chris asked me what was wrong. I told him that Tyler wasn’t a baby any more and soon he would be off to kindergarten. Chris of course said that was silly, but not to me. Tyler is now a big 4th grader who will be turning 9 in eleven more days. He is really not the baby anymore. I love this new stage of life with him. He is a big kid now, just like one of the adults. I love how our conversations are at a new level. He really blows me away, I’m afraid one day he will out smart me and he’ll know it.

My heart swells as I think of the amazing 6 year old I have. Caely is our second gift. We wanted her for a long time (but not too long) and had many struggles getting her here. That is fitting for who she is. Caely from day one has here own way and in her own time. She was born with a terrible case of reflux which just seemed never to get better. At her 6 month appt. I told her pediatrician that I didn’t know how to deal with it any more because she was so bad. He wanted to wait one more month before he would do surgery since she was still so little. The day after talking to him she stopped. Then at 7 months she woke up every night screaming for 3 hours, with nothing I could do for her. She did this for 6 weeks. I took her to her 9 mnth. appt. and talked again to her doctor. The next day she stopped. This happened over and over. Potty training and all.

Caely is our strong spirit. She is a wonderful friend, she has countless talents, she is so helpful and strong. I am in awe of how much this 6 year old is capable of. I am so proud of her.

Even though I’ve looked forward to this day, I’ve spend most of it near tears. Lot’s of change has happened in our lives over the last 4 months, and now the change of two in school all day is bitter sweet. I love having my kids around, but I don’t love the mess. I love having their help, but I don’t love the fighting. This will be a great opportunity for me to spend more time with Patch and Alexa. Time that I haven’t had before. I am excited to be down to two kids. I know this will be a special time for them. We’ll be back to story time and zoo visits. Thank goodness for ages and stages. Before you know it my kids will be off track and it will be chaotic around here again!


7 Responses to “Their Future’s So Bright…”

  1. I came to the horrible realization this morning that Dennie is starting kindergarten in 13 days. I always thought I was looking forward to it, but now who will my shopping buddy be? Who will give me hugs and kisses all day long and be sweet when the older boys are rotten? What will I do when he starts making friends and wants to go to their houses? I’m glad he got kicked out of pre-school. This time has been so precious for us, and though a picture is worth a thousand words, no camera will be able to do his first day of school justice.

  2. You are such a cute mom, Em!

  3. Oh Emily- they grow up so fast huh? It will so fun for Caely though, homework and new friends- she will love it and so will you!

  4. Heather S. Says:

    I loved seeing you taking pictures yesterday. I was the only one around before that taking pictures. Whoa…first grade! What an adjustment this is going to be.

  5. Hooray for school!

  6. Hooray for school! Cute pictures and stories–how neat!

  7. This made me CRY! You do have great kids! They have worked their way into my heart, and I love it when they see me and yell, “Hi Jaqui!” (or “Hi, Kelli” as Caely did today at school 🙂 ). They are just too cute.

    Why do our kids have to grow up so fast?

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