Puppy Love 2

 This is Zoey. She is our new dog.

Okay, really we are dog sitting for Jacqui, but she is the most well behaved dog I have ever met and I don’t think we can give her back. Patch is in love. He follows her around for hours. I was out grilling and he said, “mom, the doggy can kiss me” and then he went over, asked for a kiss and Zoey licked him. It was so disgustingly cute. My kids love her and if all dogs came as sweet as her we would have one.  This is Patch doing a jig for the dog. Thanks Jacqui for the fun experience. Good luck on getting Zoey back!


2 Responses to “Puppy Love 2”

  1. So Cute! How did you get Patch to pose like that with the dog? Great pic! The girls have been begging for a dog and we keep saying “When Ian gets older” Well, I think he is officially older so we’ve got to come up with another excuse! Got any good ones?

  2. Kelli Purser Says:

    You are in trouble! No way is Zoey going to be allowed to stay with you! Anna might die or move in!

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