Need Help?

If any of you women are struggling with being the perfect wife, here are a few tips (thanks Shalynn)

Seriously, too funny. I think I’ll continue being a crappy wife, thanks.


7 Responses to “Need Help?”

  1. I will keep being a crappy wife also. It wouldn’t let me comment on the top entry, I don’t know why. I run in the mornings, but tonight for the first time in FOREVER I rode my bike around our block…and not the 1.5 mile block around our neighborhood, just our tiny little block and my legs were killing me and I was tired so BRAVO, I think it is awesome that you are riding your bike 6 miles, it is a big deal. My husband gets that way too sometimes, I get so mad that he is frustrated with the kids after being home for like 10 minutes. You are an awesome mother and I know it will all work out. I want to be just like you, a great mom and friend. You probably don’t want advice, but my hubby always needs extra love and affection when he is acting this way. Good luck with your talk, I am sure you will do great.

  2. Dammit, these people have been spying on me and ripping off my techniques and now my secrets are all out! Pretty soon, women everywhere will be just as good of a wife as I am!

  3. First I have to say a HUGE KUDOS to you. Biking SIX miles? My legs would die. Not to mention my butt. That is awesome, Emily. Also, just wanted to let you know I am in the same boat. A son who screams and fights me a lot, and sometimes I do just go have a cry. That usually makes that son feel bad and act a little better. Good news: he is getting a lot better the older he gets. So hang in there, I really think it is just takes some growing up. I think you are awesome, and one of the cutest, nicest people I know. I am so glad we are in the same ward. And trust me, I am NOT supermom or superwife or any of those things. Now, for the “How to be a perfect wife” list. I couldn’t stop laughing. With each one I literally said “Yeah, right” out loud. I’m sure my hubby would be one very happy husband if I followed that list. And I would be have to be committed after ONE WEEK of following that little plan. Can you imagine? Too funny!

  4. I got a bravo too emily, someone finally got it right!! yes now come on ladys no excuses now!

  5. Thanks for giving John all those ideas!

  6. So…yea…I think there is a reason that I wasn’t married in the 1950’s…

  7. PS. I totally missed out on the rant!

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