I don’t know why I felt the need to post, I have plenty else to do, but I thought I would share some random things said while I was around today.

1- I asked a friends daughter when she was going to turn 5 and she said, “on my birthday”.

2- Chris and I were talking (don’t kill me) about how we feel about children and he said, “I’m surprised but I love our kids, there are a few kids I can’t stand, and the rest I nothing them”.

3- Lexi sneezed and Patch started almost to cry saying, “Lexi farted”. WHAT??? It was funny at the time.

4- I said to Chris (this is the middle of the conversation) “Either it was empty or vacant” what I meant to say was empty or occupied. DUH! (Sally and Jim, quit laughing or I’ll tell them about talking with your mouth open and portable wrist watches).

Ah, the joys of a lazy afternoon.


3 Responses to “???”

  1. So…hopefully my kids are not in the ‘can’t stand’ category. I’m glad that your kids are not there.

  2. I’m hoping my kids aren’t in that category either!

  3. Do you really think I would post this if it were any of my friends who read my blog. No worries my friends, I promise it’s not any of you.

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