Getting To Know Me…

Since I share so much, I figure you know it all. I have been tagged and usually I avoid these but then I feel guilty because I really like the people who tag me. I just think I’m boring and so reading this will be too. Well, here it is:

3 Little know facts:

  1. Rubbing my head puts me to sleep
  2. I love having parties, but it also scares me to death
  3. I love a clean house

3 Joys:

  1. My husband
  2. The gospel (I’m really not trying to be cheesy)
  3. Disneyland

3 Fears:

  1. Losing Chris
  2. Losing any of my babies
  3. My house burning down

3 Goals:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Pay off our house
  3. Be a better wife and mom

Name 3 thoughts at this exact moment:

  1. I really need to spend more time with Patch
  2. I should blog about google reader so people don’t have to check all their friends blogs all the time, they’ll just know when there is a new post.
  3. I miss Liz

3 things you bought yesterday: (funny ’cause I went to the store last night)

  1. A Birthday Present
  2. Cereal
  3. McDee’s

3 Drinks you regularly drink:

  1. Diet Pepsi w/ Vanilla
  2. Diet Coke w/ Vanilla
  3. Water

3 Current Obsessions:

  1. Diet Pepsi/Coke w/ Vanilla
  2. Thinking about how I can help people (it’s consuming me)
  3. Reading

3 People I tag:

  1. Sally – love you sis
  2. Nicole – it’s been too long
  3. Shauna  – because you don’t have enough to do 🙂







2 Responses to “Getting To Know Me…”

  1. You are so NOT boring.. I love reading all about you and your cute little family!! Keep it up..

  2. I tried to comment on this the other day, but my internet kept failing as soon as I pushed ‘submit’! I love your family. You are such a fun, caring, outgoing person. I love getting to know you.

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