My Best Friend, Hero and Husband

10 years ago today…

…we were married!

We blinked and time flew by. Who knew after 10 years we’d have lived in 4 different homes (not including 3 months of transition at my moms) had countless jobs, and 4 kids.

Chris and I met at “The Pizza Store” (Rocky Mountain Pizza) a few months before we both graduated Skyline High School. I was a manager there and dating someone else at the time. I even new of a few friends who had a crush on Chris. We started hanging out and I broke up with my current bf. Chris then swooped in and won my heart. Little did I know that I had met my knight in shining armor and we would be spending the rest of our lives together.

After 2 years of dating and a lot of break-ups, we were married. We moved up to Washington to start our life and were surprised that we were also starting our family. In need of family support we headed home to Utah. Our first home was in Sandy (thanks to our parents and grandparents!) were we lived for almost 6 years and two more kids. Then we headed our clan out to West Jordan where we’ve been for almost 3 years and one kid.

On Chris’ ring I had inscribed “My Best Friend, Hero and Husband”. He still is today.

Thank you Chris for the learning and growing we’ve done together. Thank you for the good and the bad. Mostly, thank you for our beautiful kids, our amazing home, for making it so I can stay home with our babies, thank you for working hard for our family and for always looking to make our lives the best they can be. I love you.

Happy Anniversary!



8 Responses to “My Best Friend, Hero and Husband”

  1. Congrats Emilyi.. That is so super sweet!!! Best of luck in the next ten years!!


  2. Tammy Anderson Says:

    10 years is a wonderful milestone! Contratulations! You have a beautiful family. We miss you guys.

  3. Ohh precious. Don’t you think you should make the stay in WJ include two babies? Isaac could use another buddy to play with here in the next year or so. 🙂 ha ha

  4. Oh sweet! Aren’t husbands great? Congratulations on ten years. BTW, I hope you stay here in in West Jordan.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I hope you have something fun planned to celebrate. 10 years–you guys are getting old! 🙂

  6. Kelli Purser Says:

    Congrats! Happy Anniversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary We miss you

  8. Ohhh, how cute. Isn’t it amazing how time flies. We are close behind you. Congrates! And best wishes for the years ahead!

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