Things My Kids Say

I am sure all kids say funny things. I often laugh and think I will remember later, but I never do. Here are some things Patch and Lexi said/did this week:

Patch has been having bad day/nightmares lately, so I put a colored light in his room one night to help him. It’s one of those glade things that is a light and a scent in one. The next morning when I was changing him, Lexi came in and said, “it smells good in here… like a rainbow”.

Earlier today I heard Alexa not talking nice to a friend, when I came down to remind her to use her nice words she said, “mom, I just can’t. My brain won’t let me. I want to be nice, but it thinks mean things to do”.

While reading a book with Patch we came upon a page with all sorts of candies. He had been asking for a treat for a while and this reminded him that he wanted one. It was too close to dinner, so I said no. He then looked back to the page and said, “lets eat this candy, you first have to unwrap it”. He then pretended he was unwrapping and eating a candy.

SO CUTE! Why aren’t they like this all the time?!


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