Memorial Day Weekend

So… I just wrote this entire story of my weekend for you all to read and my computer decided to turn off. I hate LOVE technology. But before that, my palm decided to stop working this week, and while I’m trying to get a replacement, I’m finding how much I use it and am lost without it.

Anyhow, we had a fabulous weekend. My awesome mom decided to pick up our babies on Friday evening and take them for the weekend. Chris and I had two glorious days of being kid free. It was so nice not to have to get up for anyone, change diapers or eat whenever we wanted. Plus, the house stayed clean all weekend since I had them help clean before they left and they weren’t around to mess it up!

I am so thankful my mom did that for us. My kids are amazing, but I really needed a break. It’s funny how even at 30 I still need my mom to take care of me. It sounds like the kids had a blast. They went swimming and shopping. Of course McDee’s was involved, and last night as they were going to bed they all wanted to go back to grandma’s. (She lets them sleep where they want and watch T.V. in bed, who wouldn’t want to stay at grandma’s? Plus, she has cable.) I am so blessed to have such a great mom!

Today we had Chris’ family over for an inside BBQ. It poured just as everyone got here and stopped just as they were leaving. The kids didn’t mind, they found plenty to do, and since everything is funner when Conner and Chandler are around, my kids left me alone! Many were missed, maybe next time it won’t be such short notice and we can have a bigger party! Here’s the pictures from our great day.

p.s. I tried some of the new doos on the girls hair today, SO stinkin’ cute! (For about 30 seconds). Hope you all found one you love and gave it a try.


One Response to “Memorial Day Weekend”

  1. You guys really should move here. Freaking cheap houses, WITH pools! Then we could have fun times like this.

    Speaking of measuring up… Ben is already 5′ tall! How big is T?

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