Glamor Girls

I am often asked how I do my girls hair, which I think is funny because they rarely let me touch their hair. People probably notice more when it’s done since they are used to seeing them look like street urchins. I mostly think up things to do or steal ideas from cute kids at story time. I think I love to do my kids hair because I always had my hair the same way in school and secretly always wished to have my hair curled or braided like the other girls.

My friend Shauna just introduced me to this blog site, I wasn’t sure I was willing to share since I love that you are all awed by my creations, but here it is Now, don’t you all go showing me up! 


4 Responses to “Glamor Girls”

  1. I’m more selfish than you are, I’m not sharing. But thanks a lot for the tip, do you know how hard it is to do four girls hair on sunday morning? Okay I am kind of exaggerating by saying four because I glue a bow to Lilly’s head but you can imagine. I may share after I get tons of compliments on how creative I am and how beautiful my girls hair looks!

  2. Don’t worry, Emily. My boys hair will still look the same as always. Man, I need a girl!

  3. Thank you!!! We are stuck in a braided ponytail on wet hair mornings, and a top notch on dry hair mornings rutt! I needed some inspiration!

  4. I loved that website!! I wish that my girl’s hair looked that cute!. But, maybe after looking at that, I can make their hair look pretty!

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