Life With Us

 The girls helped make chocolate covered strawberries for Mother’s Day! After we were done they went to town on the left over chocolate.

What a crazy week. Caely got to go to school early most the week. Why didn’t we do early morning Kindergarten? It was so nice to have her gone in the morning and home in the afternoon. I will never do PM again!!! She was practicing for her program, which she will tell you she had to do THREE TIMES. (she’s so over worked).

Chris stayed home half day to watch her program. He’s such a cute dad. Last night when I put the kids down Caely said, -Mom, I was so surprised to see dad there- I think because most her friends only had mom’s attend.

Later we played outside with the neighbors. We have such a fun, busy circle. The kids were everywhere!! (Side note- if you come for a visit watch out for the babies, they come out of nowhere).

Tonight we say good-bye to our great friends, the Mayo’s. We wish them the best in Arizona and when they come back we’ll be sure to kick out some unwanted neighbor to make room for them.

Speaking of AZ, our update is that we’re staying. For the time being anyway. Chris is going to take on the adventure of working with his dad and learning “The Business”. He is very excited about this arrangement and loves to expand his area’s of expertise. Very surprising for someone who doesn’t love school.

We are still waiting for the call from AZ and will re-evaluate when that happens. Sigh of relief from our family I’m sure.

One last piece of info, tonight Tyler and Caely get to attend the Jazz playoff game against the Lakers. Our awesome Aunt Suzy called and asked if they would be willing to shoot baskets before the game and high-five the players as they came out. They are so excited, so watch the game and see if you can pick them out of the crowd!


One Response to “Life With Us”

  1. Is that white chocolate that I see for those strawberries? I am sure you just drizzled it over the regular choc, but still what a yummy treat.

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