Watch Out, Here I Come

I suggest you advert your eyes and change blogs because I’m just going to whine.

I am feeling very under appreciated and over worked right now, in this moment in time. It’s not like I did that much today, but for the accumulation of thing that I’ve tried to do this last week I am feeling dumped by the wayside.

Yesterday we had a lesson in RS about motherhood and how overwhelming it can be. I agree and I also believe you reap what you sow. If you expect poorly behaved kids you get them. I work very hard at teaching our kids manner, respecting others and having gratitude. It’s a work in progress. Today I tried to take the time I don’t normally do to do what my kids want. I played or watched them outside this morning for hours, and I took them to the park after school. I let friends play over and fed them snacks. I tried to do this with a giving gracious heart, but the response in return is whining kids that didn’t play with the friends they wanted or yelling at me cause they messed up their room and I won’t clean it for them. I’m done trying today to be the mom I started out to be. I feel like all I hear is screaming and crying. I have great kids and I know they aren’t always like this, but I’m not enjoying today and its efforts.

On top of it I have been with out a car since Wednesday night and the to-do list is piling up. The car was supposed to be done Friday, it’s now put off until Wednesday. You can imagine the catching up I have to do. I know, boohoo me. It could be much worse, but for in this moment this is my worse.

Thank you for your listening ear, I’m off for the umpteenth time to calm the crying, screaming Patch. Tomorrow WILL be better. Put your shoulder to the wheel, right?


5 Responses to “Watch Out, Here I Come”

  1. Dude, why didn’t you call me??? Afraid I’d “get” you? No worries there, I already know you gave mom my number. THANKS by the way. 😛

  2. O.K. I didn’t realize posting on your site was so easy…you know from experience that you have to register on mine and I was afraid that I would forget the pass word etc…you get the gist. Anyway sorry to hear about your bad day! Do you want me to bring you some Oreo Obsession and a diet coke? Cuz I’m toatlly there with you! p.s. I have been checking your site a lot more than it looks…now that I know how easy it is to reply you’ll hear from me a lot more!

  3. I hear ya sister. Sorry you had a bad day. You are a good mom everyday, don’t make it sound like today was out of the ordinary.

  4. I’ve had a few of those days. I know…you think, what’s the freakin point? I wish I had some good advice for you. But, I can only say, “I’ve been there. (many times.) CALL ME, give me your kids and then go on a Coke run. (the soda, not any hard drugs now.)”

  5. Your Mama Says:

    I love you, sweetie. You’re the best mom I’ve ever encountered. When I grow up, I want to be just like you, with a little of Sally thrown in. I can take the kids on friday night if you and Chris want to have an over-night date. Just call me.

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