Breaking News!

Well, it looks like we’re headed for Casa Grande, AZ. Chris, Liz and I went down this weekend to meet John and we had a blast. The weather was great, the town is so cute. It was like our little town in Washington where you can drive ten minutes and get anywhere. We checked out the shopping, hockey and food. All the essentials! Now comes the hard part. Saying good-bye to friends, changing schools, selling the house. Which comes first and where to start. We’re not in a big hurry so that makes it alot easier. Thankfully John and Liz will have their house mid May so Chris can go down and start work while I stay here and finish up school and such. Are we crazy? Don’t answer that, I think I already know.

Just remember, you all have a FREE vacation spot in our home! More info to come later.

 (I’m not answering my phone for all those who read this and are freaking out as much as I am – f.y.i.)


One Response to “Breaking News!”

  1. Tammy Anderson Says:

    Emily, this will be so much fun for your family. Moving was great to get out and have a new adventure. I do miss all of my friends in West Jordan. You were a wonderful visiting teacher and I learned so much from your example. I know you were able to listen to the spirit and serve in love. I wish your family all the best.

    If you’d like an invite to my blog email me at

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