What A Day

We had quite the day. This morning consisted of Alexa nearly having peed on our NEWish couches (don’t tell her dad). After cleaning her up I found Patch down stairs refilling his cereal bowl. Oops! You caught me!I did good!

We made it through the day, barely, but tonight I got to go on a date with Tyler to the Jazz game. (Thanks Suzy). We had so much fun. Our Aunt Suzanne works for the Jazz so she took Tyler down on the floor to meet a few important folks, including “The Bear”s babysitter. He thought that was great. He also got to watch the players warm up right in front of him.

We sat next to Lani and Cameron. (Thanks for the popcorn). It was fun to be there with people you know and it helped that the Jazz won! I’m sure Tyler will always remember tonight, I know I will.


2 Responses to “What A Day”

  1. i was just thinking you might not be there when we come visit… crazy! good luck to chris this weekend.. were you able to get good deals?

    last weekend was super hectic (gen. conf and then i had a national work conf.) so it was nice to go to church, have dinner with friends and then regroup with our little family. non-stop sundays are too much for me as that is our only day as a family.

    anyways, good luck to chris.. look forward to hearing what happened. nic

  2. Ahh Patch. What a stud.

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