Snow, what?


4 Day’s until April. We’ve had beautiful weather, my kids have been in shorts and tank tops. Eating ice cream and popsicles. I’ve enjoyed shooing them outdoors and keeping a cleaner house. Then, good old Utah weather hits. It’s a blizzard out there. Well, on the bright side I guess I can finally take them sledding this year!


I’m playing Cars with Patch and he is so funny. He talks for them. We have the tractor and when he turned to leave the tractor turned over and Patch said “MOOOO”. He carries these Cars everywhere, he even had to take them to drop Tyler off to school. Patch’s latest conversation with them is “how ya doin dude?”. Then I got him a glass of juice and he said “Say cheers, mom”. He’s great!


2 Responses to “Snow, what?”

  1. freaking snow. how genius that you got in some sledding before it melted. how pathetic that i live next door and i am commenting on this rather than just telling you in person. geez, i need to get out more.

  2. hahahahahaha i am sunburnt from playing golf this weekend it has been between 85 and 93 everyday. hahahahahaha

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