Easter Weekend

Friday we colored eggs with our friends, the Jensens. It is a fun tradition we had in Sandy, and they came out to share it with us again. There’s nothing like having eight kids color eggs. (3 of her’s 4 of mine and a friend). Nothing too adventurous, but the girls did get Easter tattoo’s.

That night the kids had a sleep over with grandma Leslie so they could have an egg hunt the next morning at their church. We of course took advantage and went out with the Mayo’s. We had Cafe Rio, you know that was great, then we went miniature golfing. The place was a hole and I couldn’t play worth crap. After that I needed a pick me up so we came back to the house to watch “The Man”. Very funny. Not that I’m recommending it, it just gave some good laughs.

Our family  tradition is that the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday so that my kids dont’ worry about candy and such on Sunday. The idea is that they can feel the spirit on Sunday with out candy on the brain. We had a little egg hunt in the house, Tyler and Caely were a big help the babies. As far as I know we still have the Easter Bunny believers.

Sunday Patch decided to get a fever, 102.3. So sad, and Lexi’s dress had a stain on it. I guess I should have checked before I stored it from Caely. And then I forgot to take pictures of Sunday.


One Response to “Easter Weekend”

  1. Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend. So what is The Man?

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