Birthday Weekend

I have the greatest husband in the world. It was my birthday yesterday, I think I informed everyone that I hate my birthday but he doesn’t listen and made it a great weekend anyway. (By the way, I still hate my birthday).

Friday Chris and I went to Tempanyaki for dinner. We hadn’t been there before, the chef makes the food right in-front of you. It was fabulous. We then went home to watch “No Reservation”. Totally sad, don’t watch it while celebrating.  Saturday Tyler of course had hockey. He was in the playoffs and they won! There was a three way tie for playing the Championship game and because their team had too many penalties they didn’t go on. Tyler did awesome. Later that night I went out with Liz (she was in on the whole thing). Chris said the Mayo’s were coming over for some Rock Band, so when I got home from shopping my house was filled with some of my greatest friends. Chris had decorated, gone to the store, prepared the food and arranged for the kids to go over to his parents for the night. It was so sweet. He really takes good care of me.

My real birthday was Sunday, that consisted of a meeting, running to the hospital and waisting an hour and half there before I could see my mom, running home to shower and then off to church.

It still was a great day.

Here are the pictures from this weekend. I pulled out the camera to late on Saturday so I missed a lot of people who came by. Thank you to all my great friends.


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