The Things We Love About Spring


The sun is coming out more and more (yes, I know it just dumped 2 feet and they delayed school) But, I can’t help thinking about the spring. Here are a few things we are looking forward to.

1. Playing outside w/ friends. When the sun’s out so are all the neighbors. 

2. Bike Rides, The band-aids are ready!

3. Day light savings. No more darkness!

4. Flowers in bloom! I love all the colors and having my kids help me pick what we’re going to plant. They also love to water and weed to keep it pretty.

5. Using my glass door. I had a neighbor with a glass door and you always knew when she was home because her front door was open. Very inviting.

6. Open windows.

7. New candle smells, even though my favorite has been discontinued. It’s Apricot Cream made by Salt City Candles, so if you happen to find one, send it my way please.

8. BBQ’s and using the picnic table. 

9.  Tree blossoms

10. Easter!


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