Do not read further unless you want to hear the rantings of a crazy semi-on time lady.

If you hear two songs playing, sorry. I am not cool enough to know how to turn it off. Go to the slide show and mute the song you don’t want to hear. I’ll get it figured out.

Here it is.

I think of myself as a punctual person. I have come to realize that people view time or being on time in many ways. Now, I have been late and will be late in the future, but it is a priority to be an on time person. I think people who are continually late don’t respect or care for the people they are late to meet. Of course life happens, but if you are a chronic late person, you are a poor planner and disrespectful. I know, harsh words. Be offended or choose to grow, but don’t blame me and my opinion for the reality of it all. Anyhow, where was I? Back to business. I think being on time consists of being there before your ________ starts. So, if the party starts at 4pm, you are there slightly before. If church starts at 9am, you are there at 8:55 (or earlier), seated and ready to start. Again this is my opinion.

I have many people in my life whom I would consider chronic laties. 5 minutes is still 5 minutes. You have your fashionably 5 min. late-rs, you have your around 30 min. laterers, and you have your “I’ll show up when I feel like it” latests. Either way, it’s all rude. Yes, my opinion is strong, but I get really sick of waiting and waisting my time because someone was inconsiderate of the time they stole from me. This is how I’ve adjusted, if I know you’re a late person, I might fib and tell you an earlier time to meet me. If I’m meeting you, I have been know to come late, which doesn’t make you wait, it just makes me wait less.

Yes, I am off on a rant, nothing set this in motion, so if you’re worried it was you to get me started, it’s not, just sharing my thoughts. I’m sure anyone reading this is thinking of the many times I’ve been late. Save them for another time, this is my rant.

Comments are not necessary unless you share my opinion. Love to you all.


2 Responses to “Time…”

  1. How rude, it made me fill in my own info! I guess that’s my clue to post on my own darn blog once in awhile so I stay logged in.


    I SO know who you are talking about! And they should be ashamed of themselves. All three of them.

    This is one of those times when I’m confident that it’s not me!!!

    You know what really irritates me? People that don’t know how to spell. God invented spell-check for a reason, you know…. 😉

  2. Your Mama Says:

    Yeah, I have a feeling I know, too. I don’t blame you for your rant. I’ve had the same feelings since before you were born. My dad made life a living hell if we even thought about being late. I still have the echos of “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go” ringing in my ears. Even though dad’s been dead and gone for eight years, I still get nervous and edgy if people are late. It really spoils the event you’re planning for at least the first hour or so.

    I used to think that I needed to be more considerate of people and their hectic schedules, but after so many dinners were cold or dried out, my nerves shot from worrying about other people’s dinners or parties, making it on time to movie dates, etc., I decided that something was wrong with this picture. I was the one being screwed. What about all the work I had put into cooking a fabulous meal, only to have it ruined by someone’s careless or cavalier behavior?

    I identified with that famous painting, “The Scream.” I began feeling that I was constantly on the back burner of some people’s itinerary. That if I wanted certain people at my parties or events, that I just had to put up with their lateness. That is so RUDE and UNFAIR. I began to feel as though I just wasn’t important to certain people, because when the late guest finally arrived, well I just had to swallow my wrath and live with it. I had to be the polite one and be grateful the late person showed up at all. Well, no more. I just stopped inviting those I knew wouldn’t make on time or even near on time. (Do you know, one person even made a habit of not showing at all, begging forgiveness and for invites to the next dinner or party. Oh, I don’t think so.)

    It’s mortifying to think that after all you’ve done for people or tried to do for people that you’re just not important enough in their lives to make it on time. You just don’t merit the extra effort it takes to be on time. That’s a real barn burner for me now. I’m stinking old and don’t have that kind of time to waste any more!

    Oh, and SallyGirl, I’m soooo with you on the spelling thing. Being an editor, it just makes me crazy–misspelled words and funky punctuation. Don’t people care about their output anymore or what kind of impression they make? Hmmmm?

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