The “Why Is It?” Rule

Why is it…

..Every time you have all day to get everything done you get nothing done, but when you have your schedule full you get that and then some done?

..When you really need your kids to go to bed, they’re up all night, but when you are enjoying them they go to bed just right?

..When you work your butt off to lose a few pounds you go nowhere or gain, but if you don’t think about it, you drop a couple pounds just by peeing?

..When you really need a break, your door is knocking with things to do and people to help?

What’s the phrase? The Lord works in mysterious ways. That’s for sure. Just food for thought, but don’t eat it if you’re trying to lose weight, the WHY IS IT rule will get you every time!


2 Responses to “The “Why Is It?” Rule”

  1. Sis…if you drop a couple of pounds by peeing…you got problems.

  2. I second that.

    You have some really amazing thoughts. I’m glad you started blogging.

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