Thankgoodness for Teachers

I just spent the day substitute teaching a P.E. class at our Elementary school. In doing so I get to experience all ages and stages of kids. Let’s just say this give me a great amount of gratitude for my kids teachers. The kindergarten kids are hilarious. They just run everywhere in major confusion. 2, 3, &4th graders tattle the entire time about nothing, and the 5th and 6th graders are too cool to do anything and complain about everything. WOW! I wonder why I keep saying yes.

Lexi had her first dance recital on Friday. It was so cute, she knew all the steps, and of course her nerd mom didn’t charge the camcorder battery right, (the attempt was made though). We caught about 30 seconds before the camera turned off. She did fabulous, definitely in her element.

She is such a superstar! p1010043.jpgp1010046.jpg


One Response to “Thankgoodness for Teachers”

  1. She is so adorable! I’m sorry we missed it.

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